THE LINE - Doritos Collisions


Always a blast to work for the utterly lovely and ridiculously talented bunch at The Line. I helped with some of the layouts and composited this bonkers spot for Doritos.


Production Company - The Line
Directors - Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Executive Producers - Sam Taylor & James Duveen
Producers - Hanae Seida, Franzi Nicolaus, Claire Plaskow
Designs - Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Jesse Aclin, Vincent Gallut, Jules Rigolle, Kristian Antonelli, Delfina Pérez Adàn, Tim McCourt
Storyboard- nJonathan Djob Nkondo, Mohamed Fadera, Peter Baynton
Layout & Background - Lucas Durkheim, Michael Shorten, Peter Baynton
Animation - Alvise Zenarro, Maxime Delalande, Pauline Champetier, Duncan Gist, Reg Isaac, Yino Huan, Amanda Holm
Cleanup & Colour - Venla Linna, Amix
FX Animation - Naoki Araiza Tokomasu
Compositing - Peter Baynton, Deborah Ho, Max Taylor
Colourist - Lewis Crossfield at Electric Theatre Collective
Live Action Production - Rumble